Electron-vibration phenomena in molecules and solids: Symmetry breaking and beyond

The XXIVth International Symposium on the Jahn-Teller Effect

24th-29th June 2018 - Santander (Spain)

Santader‘s airport


The easiest way to get to Santander is by plane
The airport has daily flights to Madrid and Barcelona and weekly connections to several secondary airports in many European cities of Europe (London, Edinburgh, Rome, Brussels, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Dublin, ...) operated by the low-cost company Ryan air.

The city can be reached from the airport either by taxi (with a cost of, approximately, 10€) or using a bus that connects with the city center with a frequency of 30 minutes (the ride takes about 10 minutes and costs 2.5€).

Santader‘s location

Another possibility to reach the city is to fly to the much larger airport of Bilbao and then make the trip to Santander by bus. In order to do so it is necessary to go Bilbao central bus station and then take a bus to Santander (the trip takes 1hour 30 minutes). Schedules can be found in the ALSA webpage.