Electron-vibration phenomena in molecules and solids: Symmetry breaking and beyond

The XXIVth International Symposium on the Jahn-Teller Effect

24th-29th June 2018 - Santander (Spain)

The University of Cantabria

The University will provide the headquarters for the symposium including a fully prepared conference room (in the Engineering school) and space for poster sessions.
Universidad de Cantabria

The University is the largest company of the city having around 15000 students and 1200 teaching staff. The faculties cover the whole range of studies including Engineering (Chemical, Computer, Civil, ...), Science (Math and Physics), Social (Law, Economics, ...) and Education. The University Campus is situated in close vicinity to parks (Llamas and Mesones), that could provide a perfect scenery for after-lunch discussion, and is also neighboring the promenade by the city‘s main beaches (Sardinero).

The University can be reached from any part of the city using the Line 7 of the city bus (running all day until 11:00 with a frequency of 20 minutes).
Bus lines to JT18
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